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Protecting Your Children And Your Parental Rights

As a parent, unconditional love, protective instincts and strong feelings about child-rearing are admirable qualities. But when parents split up, those same traits can make it difficult to be objective and resolve conflicts over the care and custody of children.

The Law Office of Carrie M. Wilcox helps clients resolve these disputes by keeping the focus on the best interests of the child. With over 25 years of experience in Arizona family law, lawyer Carrie Wilcox guides you to sensible solutions that reflect your concerns while helping the whole family move forward.

Decades Of Experience With Child-Related Matters

Our legal team gets results even in complex and high-conflict cases involving children:

  • Legal decision making and parenting time – We assert your rights in contested custody disputes over physical custody, defined as “parenting time” in Arizona, and legal custody, defined as “legal decision making,” including the amount of parenting time and the specifics of the parenting plan that will govern your life as co-parents.

  • Paternity and fathers’ rights – We represent either parent in paternity actions to establish support obligations, settle disputes about who is the biological father, or gain parenting time or legal decision making.

  • Grandparents’ rights – Under Arizona law, grandparents meeting certain legal criteria may petition the court for visitation if they have been cut off from a relationship with their grandchildren. We have successfully represented many grandparents’ efforts to stay bonded with their grandchildren.

  • In loco parentis (third-party custody) – Arizona law allows third parties (including grandparents, adult siblings and other relatives) to seek legal custody of a child in the family who has been abused, neglected or abandoned.

  • Parenting time modifications – As the parents’ circumstances change, they wish to relocate, or children get older, it may be necessary to revisit the parties’ parenting time orders. We represent either parent, including contentious parent relocation disputes.

  • Child support – You may need legal help to calculate, modify, or enforce child support.

Call Us For Advocacy And Solutions

Our attorney at The Law Office of Carrie M. Wilcox understands that your children mean everything to you. You can count on us to fiercely assert your rights, in or out of court, and to help you forge workable solutions. Call our Phoenix office at 602-445-4690 to arrange your FREE initial consultation, or reach out by email.