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Determination Of Legal Decision-Making And Parenting Time

If you are like most parents, your children’s well-being ranks among your top priorities in life. A divorce, separation or unexpected pregnancy outside of marriage may put obstacles along your path to parenthood as you had envisioned it. However, nothing should stand in the way of your rights and responsibilities as a mother or father.

At The Law Office of Carrie M. Wilcox, we have been helping families navigate challenging circumstances for over two decades. Attorney Carrie M. Wilcox understands your determination as a parent to protect your rights and your child’s welfare. You are no doubt concerned about your child’s well-being during your divorce or in the face of other legal complications involving the other parent, such as child custody. You may be a grandparent seeking legal status to support your parentlike role with your grandchildren. Whatever your situation, we offer experienced strategy formation and zealous representation of parents and parent substitutes.

Factors That A Family Court Will Consider

Ideally, you and your spouse or partner can arrive at an agreement as to how you will cooperate in raising your children in two households. Negotiations or mediation may bring you to the desired mutual understanding. If you cannot agree, however, a judge may decide for you.

According to Arizona laws, the division of legal decision-making (legal custody) and parenting time (physical custody and visitation) between separating, divorcing, or unmarried parents will depend on these and related factors: 

The importance of the parent-child relationship(s) in the past, present and future

The quality of family relationships (between parents, between parent and child and/or with siblings or other family members) that may affect the child’s best interests

The child’s adjustment to home, school and the community

The child’s wishes (after reaching a certain maturity level)

Each family member’s mental and physical health

A parent’s willingness to allow the child ample contact with the other (except in cases when a child needs to be protected from domestic violence or child abuse)

Parents’ cooperation with legal processes leading up to a custody order

For peace of mind and clear direction, work with an experienced, empathetic family law attorney. Attorney Carrie M. Wilcox is available to help you get started on a path to resolution. Our firm also helps with the enforcement and modification of custody orders.

Protect Your Parent-Child Bond

Pursue the right parenting plan for your family. Call 602-445-4690 or email us to reach an Arizona lawyer.