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What Legal Rights Do Grandparents Have In Arizona?

Grandparents often ask us at The Law Office of Carrie M. Wilcox if they have legal rights to visitation. Others ask for help pursuing a guardianship or adopting one or more grandchildren. We warmly welcome inquiries from grandparents who seek legal support for their roles in children’s lives.

Whatever your unique family situation, please contact attorney Carrie M. Wilcox to learn how our family law firm can help protect your connection with your grandchild or grandchildren.

Explore Your Options

According to Arizona family law statutes, a court may award visitation rights to a grandparent if a child’s parents’ marriage has been dissolved for at least three months, or the child is born to unmarried parents. If parental rights are later terminated, such as for an adoption, biological grandparents will not have visitation rights unless the adoption is granted to a stepparent. If you as a grandparent have been acting as a grandchild’s caregiver without the presence of either parent, Arizona statute offers several options for obtaining custody or guardianship of your grandchild.

A frank conversation with an experienced lawyer can give you the insights you need to seek the right solution for your family. Is your adult child incapacitated, incarcerated or addicted? Did your adult child die, and you want to know about your legal rights to continue an in-person relationship with your grandchild? For every family circumstance, there are individualized answers to be discovered.

An Ongoing Tradition Of Reliable, Targeted Family Law Services

For two decades, attorney Carrie M. Wilcox has been helping families solve problems involving children, the law and the courts. At The Law Office of Carrie M. Wilcox, we look forward to guiding you in the right way as you seek legal solutions in a grandparenting context. Our firm also has resources to recommend for grandparents who may be taking on parental roles.

To schedule a consultation with a Phoenix family law attorney about grandparents’ rights, paternity actions or any child-related legal issue, call us at 602-445-4690 or inquire online. We are here for you.