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When parents of a child are not married to each other, a paternity action is the legal vehicle to  provide legal protections to the parties, even in situations where both parties agree that Father is the biological Father. In the paternity action, the court not only legally establishes paternity, but can also enter orders for:

Parenting time

Legal decision making

Child support

Back child support

Pregnancy related expenses

Child’s medical expenses

Tax deductions and stimulus for the child

The Law Office of Carrie M. Wilcox provides guidance and direction for parents on either side of a paternity matter. Sometimes our clients need to identify a father in preparation for the adoption of a child. Whatever your motivation or concerns, we pledge to simplify the process as much as possible while also watching out for your interests.

Things To Consider About Paternity

If you are a potential father and want to clarify your relationship in anticipation of a birth, we can help you protect your rights through Arizona’s putative father registry. Alternatively, if you have been named as a father but you question this, a court-ordered DNA test may put your doubts to rest. We can advise you on the legalities that will follow.

If you are a pregnant mother with worries about paternity, we welcome the opportunity to share insights with you that may provide peace of mind. Attorney Carrie M. Wilcox brings reassurance and guidance regarding parental rights and other family law matters when parents of a child are not married to each other.

Once the biological father’s identity is legally clarified, our lawyer can help you, as the mother, father or intended adoptive parent, to pursue your immediate goals. At the same time, we will gladly explain how verifying a father’s identity can bring many other benefits over a lifetime: health information, extended family connections and more.

Settle The Question Of Fatherhood

For help and guidance in completing the legal process of paternity determination or any child-related matter in Arizona, contact us. Call The Law Office of Carrie M. Wilcox in Phoenix a 602-445-4690 or complete a simple online form.