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Asset And Debt Division In An Arizona Divorce

A fundamental aspect of divorce is the division of property and debts. An inventory of assets owned by both of you can be a tedious process, but it is necessary in most cases. With the help of an experienced divorce lawyer, you should be able to arrive at a reasonable accounting to facilitate a legal distribution of your assets and debts.

At The Law Office of Carrie M. Wilcox, we bring to the table nearly three decades of experience and the respect of many past clients, as well as their spouses’ legal counsel. Attorney Carrie M. Wilcox and her team are ready to make manageable the process of asset and debt division while protecting your interests and property rights. Whether you have limited assets or are in a high-asset marriage, we are prepared to guide you with an eye on your long-term financial security.

Addressing Your Unique Property Portfolio

Aside from any separate property that one or both of you brought into the marriage, you and your spouse should divide your marital assets according to Arizona’s community property laws. As a community property state, assets must be divided equitably, which, more often than not, means equally. Do not assume that Arizona’s laws are the same as those of other community property states, such as California. Every state’s version of community property is different. Work with an experienced Arizona lawyer from the start for a clear understanding of how our state’s laws on marriage, divorce and property division will affect your case.

You can rely on our firm’s strong reputation and successful case outcomes as you approach these or related issues:

High-asset divorce

Business valuation and other aspects of divorce when one or both of you own business interests

Division and retitling of real estate

Division of bank accounts, retirement accounts, investment accounts and other financial assets, including cyber currency

Distribution of household goods and other tangible assets

Division of anticipated assets, such as commissions, deferred executive bonuses and maturing certificates of deposit (CDs)

Debt division or reallocation

Allocation of living things, such as human in vitro embryos, pets, horses and other livestock

Attorney Carrie M. Wilcox has the sophisticated legal knowledge and skills necessary to address all essential areas of property division that your divorce or legal separation will entail.

Get An Experienced Family Law Attorney On Your Side

To schedule a consultation with attorney Carrie M. Wilcox about your high-asset, complex or even the simplest divorce, call our Phoenix law offices at 602-445-4690 or send an email inquiry. We are ready to evaluate your case and make personalized recommendations.