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Experienced Representation For Enforcing And Modifying Court Orders

Finances change. Needs change as children grow up. A court order that made sense at the time it was issued may not reflect current realities. Fortunately, divorce and parenting time orders are not written in stone. Often times, one parent is not complying with the court order or is failing to meet their financial responsibilities.

The Law Office of Carrie M. Wilcox represents parents and divorced spouses in post-decree modifications and enforcement of family court orders. Our lawyers have litigated both sides of these hot-button matters. If a sudden, traumatic change triggers a need for legal action, we can respond quickly.

Post-Judgment Modifications Of Decision Making, Parenting Time Or Support

Founding attorney Carrie Wilcox brings more than two decades of experience in Arizona family law, including divorce proceedings and parenting time disputes. She can capably assert your rights and interests in all post-judgment petitions and hearings:

    • Legal decision making and/or parenting time modification – The court can modify a parenting plan for many reasons;  an older child wants to spend more time with one parent, the need for a parent to relocate, or more serious concerns like substance abuse or neglect. The court can give sole legal decision making to one parent if the other parent has become abusive or absent. Or it may simply be necessary to alter the parenting plan or ratio of parenting time to reflect a significant change in the parents’ work schedules.
    • Parent relocation –  Parents seeking to relocate with a child must either have the consent of the other parent or  must get the court’s permission to move the children out of state or more than 100 miles away within Arizona. These cases are often bitterly contested. The court considers the reason for the move, how it benefits the child, the age of the child, the relationship with the noncustodial parent, and other factors. If relocation is approved, the parenting plan and child support must be modified accordingly.
    • Support modification – When income changes because of a new job or personal setbacks, either party can petition to increase or decrease child support or spousal maintenance, so long as the spousal maintenance order is modifiable. When a child reaches emancipation, the court will terminate child support. .  If a spouse receiving spousal support remarries, the court will also terminate the support award. 

Post-Judgment Enforcement

Unfortunately for some, their case does not end when they receive their final order. If the other party is not following the court orders, Carrie Wilcox brings decades of experience in representing parents or spouses in Court to enforce their orders.  Carrie frequently obtains awards of attorney fees for her client’s fees incurred enforcing the court order.  She will aggressively assert your rights and interests in all enforcement petitions and hearings.

Experienced, Dedicated Advocacy For Tough Issues

Our approach to family law is to solve problems and help families through transitions. Carrie Wilcox is an experienced litigator and negotiator who will pursue your goals and protect your parental rights without making the conflict worse through dirty tactics. We reach for the elusive win-win outcome or the solution that works best for everyone involved, especially your children.

If you need to revisit a court order, we offer a FREE initial consultation to discuss your rights and options. Call our Phoenix law firm at 602-445-4690 or use our online form